Our collection features a not so large number of articles , but thanks to the experience gained over the years and to studies that have aimed to achieve high standards, it is composed of the high level fabrics and produced selecting raw materials of fine fibers of absolute quality.

The entire production cycle takes place in Italy, as far as the development of the structures , fibers combinations and colorings in order to enhance for every produced meter the ability and the creativity that have always been recognized to our country.

Pure cashmere fabrics finished with slow and careful procedures to enhance their shine and smoothness are complemented by articles in cashmere blend finished with warm hands wrap, articles in alpaca and alpaca/wool complete the top range offer.

Wool and wool blend fabrics of high level in various finishes (velour, drap, melton, boiled wool, polished ), less expansive but not less treated in every step of their production process, complete the collection,

The vast majority of the items we offer are available both in coat and jacket weight, with the possibility to study together with the client and our technical department – for orders of a certain quantity – custom variations and changes.